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In the Presence of the Transcendent. Giuseppe Caccioppoli and Padre Pio of Pietrelcina

The forces that govern secular modernity have long sought to strip the world of its numinous essences. The miraculous has been relegated to the domain of superstitious folly while religion has been deemed an archaic and outmoded institution suitable only for the weak and feeble-minded. Christianity has, for many, become a faded repository of fundamentalisms that serve only to obstruct and impede the progression of "enlightened" liberal thought. Many of the rituals and practices that continue to serve those who remain within the fold of Christianity are seen as merely symbolic at best and deluded at worst.

Yet for those prepared to look more deeply than the dominant view would allow, there remain in the world vivid echoes and reverberations of the miraculous presence and the transformative mission of Jesus of Nazareth. That presence continues to manifest in the lives of those who - for whatever unknowable reason - abide within a spiritually and transcendentally energised rea…